Knowing how to appreciate beauty is one of the most valuable gifts granted to man.
Cranchi’s story is linked to a place where the charm of nature combines with man-made wonders. The first Cranchi boats moved among the splendid villas of Lake Como.
It was here that a boatyard with advanced production lines was set up, where technologically-perfect yachts take shape.
Gems of engineering and design, they accompany men and women over the sea, to discover a world that continues to give us wonder and beauty.

Two factories in Lombardy, near Lake Como, real temples of technology.
In the fibreglass moulding shop, complex air conditioning systems are able to replenish air, and clean it, 44 times every hour.
According to Industry 4.0 principles, skilled technicians cooperate with robots in a rigorous process, every stage of which is planned and verified.
Excellence is achieved with rationality and rigour, in the continuous pursuit of absolute quality.

A new dimension of beauty that is both modern and classic, essential but not minimal…timeless.

Rediscover the beauty of travel. Medium and long range
cruises. Slow navigation, if you want. Always safe, and in
maximum comfort.
The rationality of a trawler. The thrill of a cruiser.
Choose your preferred point of view. At the bow, imagining new
routes. On a sundeck looking at the sky or the beach, ready to
surrender to the call of the sea.
You are chosing a yacht at the top of the Cranchi range. Elegant
design, hi-tech fittings, perfect finishes. All made with state-of-
the-art materials and processes.
Every detail on board points to safety, convenience and comfort.
Ready to use even when you only have a few hours at disposal
and also perfect for cruising with both family and friends.
Because it’s a great boat. Every day.
Your perfect day with the boat you need to spend a short break
at sea with your family and friends in total safety and complete
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