Nordkapp RS 705A - alumiinium

Stability, strength and savagery!

It can be difficult to describe a boat like Avant 705 R just in a short text. You should really just test this one to enjoy stability, strength and the little savagery that lies in such a hull.

This is a well-equipped bow rider that extends the boating season for as long as you want. Our aluminium boats are a kind of SUV of the sea, and the slightly heavier and stiffer hull provides characteristics most boat enthusiasts will appreciate. The R-Line models do not care if the sea is a bit rough, or the first layer of ice has settled. They take you safely to your destination anyway

Avant 705 Ranger

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Pikkus: 705 cm
Laius: 230 cm
Süvis: 100 cm
Kaal: 1420 kg
Kütusepaak: 200 l
Soovituslik mootor: 150-250 HP
Inimesi: 7
CE kategooria: C
Isetühjenev kokpit
Tootja: Nordkapp
Mudel: Avant 705 Ranger

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Paadi hind (€):
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Intress (%):
Laenu pikkus:
Maksete intervall:
Maksete arv: 60
Osamakse suurus: € 89.11
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