Nordkapp Enduro 805


The Enduro 805 is just as well suited for tours, fishing as water sports. The hull of this boat is adapted for more speed and challenges. It is very seaworthy.

Great flexibility. This is the boat that covers all your needs. The large cockpit is designed for everything from diving, sports fishing to sunny trips. The Targa is designed so that also fisherman easy can move around the boat with there fishing gear.

Spacy cabin. The Targa gantry has been constructed so that the angler can move about the boat without getting in the way of the fishing tools.

Great seaworthiness. The hull is newly developed and modern. Besides a large speed potential we will also highlight the hull special versatility when it comes to engines. This boat performs well with a 200 HP unit, but can handle engines up to 2 x 200 Hps, too.

Enduro 805

Tehnilised näitajad:

Pikkus: 805 cm
Laius: 250 cm
Süvis: 90 cm
Kaal koos mooriga: 1650 kg
Kütusepaak: 275 l
Soovituslik mootor: 1x300-2x200 HP
Inimesi: 6
Magamiskohti: 2
Tootja: Nordkapp
Mudel: Enduro 805

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Maksete intervall:
Maksete arv: 60
Osamakse suurus: € 89.11
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