Nordkapp Noblesse 790

New 2015.

Noblesse 790 is this year the big boat news in this segment. This model succeeds the popular market leader for several years, namely the Noblesse 760. We have great expectations for 790 designed by Bård Eker, Eker Design AS. Recommended engine(s) ranging from 1×200 to 2×200 HP.

The Noblesse 790 is developed at the same time as the new generation Evinrude G2 engines. This new combination shows innovation at all levels. The hull is flexible and guaranties a soft ride. The boat has a great speed potential and the functional hull provides boat owners the opportunity to choose engines from 1×200 to 2×200 HP.

There are not many boats in this segment that shows this flexibility when it comes to the choice of engine sizes.

The cockpit is spacious and design gives it a clear social profile. The details are many and we can mention the large cockpit table. You can use this partly, or both plates. If you use the whole table the whole family can eat comfortably at the table. There is a custom storage to the entire table, this function is fulfilled.

The sunbed is wide and easy to use. Here one can enjoy the warmth of the sun for those who prefer it. The dashboard is adapted to today instrumetering. Good overview of engine instruments and chart plotter makes the driving experience to an greater experience. There is an opportunity to steer the boat’s audio system from an iPad. The whole dashboard is built considering the possibility to use the new technology. The canopy allows us to use the boat also lodging. There is good space to stand in the boat and the fine windows provides maximum visibility and views.

The cabin is ingenious ! Customized for a handy toilet solution. The details are completed and the design makes it possible to that the cabin can be quickly transformed into a large bed. A huge diving platform, ensure all forms of water activities from the boat. This platform is a great space that makes it safe to use the area for example. mooring or during fishing.

  • There are no features available


The List of Standard Equipment plus packages includes:

  • Swim platform
  • Wiper
  • Canopy
  • Windshield wiper
  • Pressure washer, tap and shower
  • Pantry
  • Electric Bilgepump
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Manual fire extinguisher
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Complete gray "X-floor"
  • Cockpit table
  • Lounger
  • Stainless windshield with leather handrail
  • 12 V outlet
  • LED's in cockpit
  • LED's with dimming the cabin
  • LED's on the swim platform

Tehnilised andmed

Pikkus: 811 cm
Laius: 250 cm
Kaal ilma mootorita: ca. 1700 kg
Kaal mootoriga: ca. 1950 kg
Süvis mootoriga: 90 cm
Kütusepaak: 255 liters
Soovituslik mootor: 1x200 - 2x200 hj
Inimesi: 8

Which vital ingredients do you need to experience moments of true happiness? It’s our conviction, at least, that you need impressive roadholding. Plus safety, reliability and faith in technology that won’t let you down when you need it most. Because only when we have peace of mind are we truly free.

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It’s possible, of course, to describe moments of happiness. But it’s far better to experience them first hand. The 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet.

Tootja: Nordkapp
Mudel: Noblesse 790

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